Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Milka Crispy Snax: Cornflakes and Raisins

I went to the supermarket and while there, I felt like buying something sweet. However, I wanted something different and that was when I saw these small packs of Milka Crispy Snax. There were two kinds available and I decided for the Cornflakes & Raisins one. I can't remember what kind was the other one.

I got home, did some stuff and had dinner.
Still at the table, I opened the package to try one or two.
Well, let me put it this way: I had to close the bag before they were all gone.

Imagine the Toffee Crisp chocolate - I never saw that one again here in Portugal and don't know if it's still available. Now imagine it in chunks plus raisins.
Sounds good ? Well, it tastes even better.

Of course that there are differences because we're talking about different brands of chocolates, but I guess that this gives you an idea about how the Milka Crispy Snax Cornflakes & Raisins tastes and about its texture.

Without a doubt, this one gets my seal of approval.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Border Coconut Biscuits with Milk Chocolate

I like to eat pretty much anything, but if there's something that I don't quite appreciate is coconut. A few of the only things that I like related to coconut are the coconut scent on the beach or soap. When I was a small kid I really enjoyed these coconut taste cigarrets - you know how kids are with cigarrets.

But when I saw these biscuits at the supermarket, I liked their aspect and thought that if the coconut part was not too influent on the taste, maybe a mix of chocolate and coconut could work well for my personal taste, moreover they had a really good sort of homemade aspect. So I decided to give them a try.

The coconut taste is not too pronnounced and has a good crunchy feeling. As for the chocolate, it has a good flavour and is added in good measure as not to make the biscuit too sweet.

My conclusion is of a well balanced combination between coconut and chocolate with a pleasant crushing sensation that will almost for sure get really positive reviews by coconut appreciators with a sweet tooth.
The Border milk chocolate coconut biscuits are baked in Scotland.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Clipper Tea

Recently I came across with a tea brand that I didn't know of.
It's name is Clipper and for now it has proved itself to be a good surprise.

The first variety that I tried was the Organic White Tea. This is a chinese organically grown white tea bearing the GB Organic Certification 5 and packed in the UK by Clipper Teas Ltd.

I found its scent pleasant and its flavour surprisingly oblong, which leads me to conclude that this tea should now make part of my favourite ones.

So, if you like tea and especially white tea, this Organic White Tea should be on your soon to try list.

After the positive result of my first experience with this brand, I decided to try the Green Tea With Ginseng Enhanced With Raspberry.
This tea, bearing the Fairtrade certification, contains 90% of fairtrade green tea, 5% of natural flavour and 5% of Siberian ginseng root.

Again my opinion is remarkably positive and I can only advise the appreciators of green tea to try this one.

You can learn more about their line of green teas on this page.

I bought these at the supermarket and the price if not among the most accessible ones, it's plenty justified by the quality.

Note that the packaging layout may change from time to time, or even be influenced by the photo or by your screen, so you better read the labels carefuly to make sure that you're getting what you want.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Copa Natural Juices by Frubaça

Influenced by its XII century Monastary, the portuguese region of Alcobaça is known for its tradition in pastries and orchards.

Developed by Frubaça agricultural cooperative and recurring to the High Pressure Processing (HPP), the Copa juices retain the taste and freshness of their 100% natural ingredients.
The juices are available in several tastes, including some combinations, such as: apple; orange; apple and orange; apple and strawberry; apple and pineapple.

From all the brands that I've tried until today, this is the one that approximates the most of a freshly squeezed natural juice - and I'm not seeing you squeezing an apple.

Its price is of course higher than those from most soft drinks or juices made from concentrate, but its taste and benefits for your health make it worth the expense.
The Copa juices are sold in several supermarkets in 750ml plastic bottles, without a set price, so you better look where it's cheaper.

My opinion about these natural juices is as positive as it can be, moreover they even carry the Portuguese Cardiology Foundation logo.